ghost town ontario

Balaclava & Newfoundout – Ghost Towns

I love picture books and websites about Canada.  I peruse them searching for places to visit, especially communities lost to time.  Not long ago I had read about a couple of ghost towns near Ottawa, Ontario. The author, a very popular Ontario resident who not only writes about but photographs this beautiful province, had mentioned an area referred to as the “forgotten land”.  Forgotten by … Continue reading Balaclava & Newfoundout – Ghost Towns

rearguard falls

Canadian Crumbs – Rearguard Falls

Canadian Crumbs is a new series here at True North Nomad. These are columns dedicated to the snippets of our country that are small and therefore are difficult to write a large post about.  They are however, just as beautiful and significant as the larger areas we cover. These crumbs are unexpected rest stops, look outs, off beaten paths, waterfalls – you get my point.  … Continue reading Canadian Crumbs – Rearguard Falls

mountain, jasper, park

Finding Peace Among Nature

I sat down in the anti-gravity chair, pushing my feet outwards towards the sky.  A sandwich grasped in my left hand, a cold beer cupped in the right, I studied my surroundings.  Secluded, nestled on a remote beach far from civilization, I sat with impressive company of an aquamarine lake and evergreen forest while the mountains stood guard over our private dinner party.  Clouds blew in … Continue reading Finding Peace Among Nature