Jasper National Park – Points of Interest

Many visitors to Canada come in search of lush forests, majestic mountain peaks and aquamarine, glacial fed waters, their desire to experience wildlife and nature ignited and fuelled by the images produced and promoted by the tourism industry. Jasper and it’s little sister Banff, the face of the Canadian Rockies, are ground zero and host to the flood of tourists from near and afar.  With … Continue reading Jasper National Park – Points of Interest

Exploring Fundy National Park

There are few places in the world that can lay claim to rugged ocean coastline lined with tide shattered cliffs, tempered, pristine lakes, over 25 waterfalls, vibrant wetlands teaming with life all surrounded by lush Acadian forest, layered among one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world.  Although famous for the highest tides in the world, this Canadian treasure is all of the above … Continue reading Exploring Fundy National Park