driving the dempster highway yukon

Driving The Dempster Highway Yukon

When one thinks of road trips images of country roads and autumn colours enter our minds.  Few have ever imagined a road trip through the Canadian arctic.  And for those that have, without the actual experience there is nothing that can prepare you for the glimpses of heaven this remote region of Canada can offer. There are few places I have visited in my life … Continue reading Driving The Dempster Highway Yukon

Glamping: Yurt Style

Glamping sounds so pretentious doesn’t it?  The coupling of the words glamorous and camping which in and of themselves read like an oxymoron, solicits thoughts of high maintenance individuals.  I don’t think I am difficult or hard to please (although Q may argue the point).  I don’t mind digging in and getting my hands dirty in the proverbial sense of the word.  And I enjoy … Continue reading Glamping: Yurt Style