How To Spot A Lemon When Shopping Used RVs

The For Sale sign is on the front lawn and you’re eager to launch that Nomadic lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about.  And if you are like Q and me, you have undoubtedly racked your brain about what this “mobile” existence is going to look like.  With health challenges and appointment schedules, Q and I knew our appetite for travel and the need to relocate spontaneously … Continue reading How To Spot A Lemon When Shopping Used RVs

ghost town ontario

Balaclava & Newfoundout – Ghost Towns

I love picture books and websites about Canada.  I peruse them searching for places to visit, especially communities lost to time.  Not long ago I had read about a couple of ghost towns near Ottawa, Ontario. The author, a very popular Ontario resident who not only writes about but photographs this beautiful province, had mentioned an area referred to as the “forgotten land”.  Forgotten by … Continue reading Balaclava & Newfoundout – Ghost Towns

Glamping: Yurt Style

Glamping sounds so pretentious doesn’t it?  The coupling of the words glamorous and camping which in and of themselves read like an oxymoron, solicits thoughts of high maintenance individuals.  I don’t think I am difficult or hard to please (although Q may argue the point).  I don’t mind digging in and getting my hands dirty in the proverbial sense of the word.  And I enjoy … Continue reading Glamping: Yurt Style