Dining Tour – London

Dining tours offer a way to not only visit and explore unknown cities, but also to find their hidden culinary treasures.  So this is the first post in a series called “Dining Tours – ?” where the ? will be replaced with the fabulous destination we ate our way to and through! Our first location is home to one of my favourite restaurants, Garlics.  If … Continue reading Dining Tour – London

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Long Distance Hike – 6 Training Tips

I love spring in that winter has finally ended, its warm enough you can head outdoors on most days and the hint of summer is in the air.  Unfortunately spring also brings about endless days of rain (for the love of GOD can we have some sunshine) and that dirty, not yet new freshness prior to everything blooming! Also, depending on your goals, you can … Continue reading Long Distance Hike – 6 Training Tips