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Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Tire Review

Full time RVing lends itself to socializing and meeting other road warriors with the same wanderlust as you.  Although friendships are sometimes forged, oftentimes it is just the recognition of someone you’ve already passed in a park or restaurant that provides you with some familiarity along unknown, open roads. And what makes “people” recognizable is as varied as the people themselves.  Usually, it is their … Continue reading Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Tire Review

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How To Rescue Your Little Corner of the Net

Sometimes life just kicks us in the ASS!  It happens to the best and worst of us, young or old regardless of race, religion or political/social standing.  Shit happens.  Life will occasionally get in the way of best-laid plans and prevent us from engaging in our own, daily grind.  And as any blogger or social media influencer can attest too, when your only presence is … Continue reading How To Rescue Your Little Corner of the Net

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Canadian Crumbs – Sparwood Titan

While wandering, aimlessly it seems at times, Q and I are always excited when we come across something grand in nature and with a historical significance. Well, imagine our shock when our wandering through the Crowsnest Pass near the Alberta/B.C. border revealed a relic of yesteryear, still magnificent and shadowing its surroundings except for the mountains themselves. For 25 years the Terex Titan would hold … Continue reading Canadian Crumbs – Sparwood Titan