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Relive The Legend of Love & Sacrifice, Kakabeka Falls

At 40m high Kakabeka Falls ranks the second largest waterfall in Ontario.  A historic route of The Voyageurs, the Kaministiquia River has been carving a path through the Canadian Shield for centuries, creating this beautiful waterfall and revealing million-year-old fossils.  And as much as the river may have grown, meandered and shared, it is the Ojibwa First Nation legend regarding this waterfall that has tourists … Continue reading Relive The Legend of Love & Sacrifice, Kakabeka Falls

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Canadian Crumbs – Crooked Bush

Hello 2018!!!  You are a beautiful sight for sore eyes!!!!  I love the dawn of a new year.  It brings with it all sorts of possibilities.  And the possibilities in 2018 are endless for Q and I as we continue on our nomadic journey.  This year will be the beginning of TNN’s Cross Country Portage!  Oh ya, baby!!!  So it only seems appropriate that our … Continue reading Canadian Crumbs – Crooked Bush