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These Shoes & 80 lbs Gone

The year was 2010 and the Christmas/New Year holidays had just ended.  With a steadfast resolution to lose weight still fresh in my mind and the gift of new walking shoes, my thoughts were a frenzy of hysteria, eager to begin my “healthy” lifestyle.  And that was about the extent of the excitement concerning these shoes.  For their first three years of existence, these shoes … Continue reading These Shoes & 80 lbs Gone

how fear motivated me to live

How Fear Motivated Me To Live

We sat there analyzing the angle, contemplating our odds, confirming the trajectory should our feet give way on the loose gravel.  Q glanced at me, his eyes filled with compassion and understanding should I choose to back out, we were after all 150 feet above the valley floor.  “I think we can make it,” he finally said calmly. My good friend fear pleaded with me.  … Continue reading How Fear Motivated Me To Live

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Finding Peace Among Nature

I sat down in the anti-gravity chair, pushing my feet outwards towards the sky.  A sandwich grasped in my left hand, a cold beer cupped in the right, I studied my surroundings.  Secluded, nestled on a remote beach far from civilization, I sat with impressive company of an aquamarine lake and evergreen forest while the mountains stood guard over our private dinner party.  Clouds blew in … Continue reading Finding Peace Among Nature