Buon Gusto – Authentic Italiano Cuisine

Never one to back away from a challenge, when my sister in-law propositioned that I try the best pizza in Guelph, Ontario, spurred on by my review of Pizza V’s (read about it here), I tenaciously accepted the invitation.  That fearless acceptance of course had more to do with it being pizza than me being so ballsy – but nonetheless I was resolute in my … Continue reading Buon Gusto – Authentic Italiano Cuisine

Pizza V – A Little Place With A Big Taste of Italy

In an effort to experience and explore new places, I am always on the lookout for the next adventure to write about.  In search of inspiration, education or anything that will blow the wind up my skirt, it happens from time to time that I find “something” that had nothing to do with why I was in the area to begin with but sends my … Continue reading Pizza V – A Little Place With A Big Taste of Italy

Dining Tour – London

Dining tours offer a way to not only visit and explore unknown cities, but also to find their hidden culinary treasures.  So this is the first post in a series called “Dining Tours – ?” where the ? will be replaced with the fabulous destination we ate our way to and through! Our first location is home to one of my favourite restaurants, Garlics.  If … Continue reading Dining Tour – London