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Gluten Dairy Grain “Free” Granola

There have been countless times while out for a hike when an achy, heavy feeling hit me in the gut and I thought “Holy crap am I ever hungry!”  I must eat on a regular schedule or risk passing out or throwing up.  But unfortunately I’m one of those poor saps who is allergic and/or sensitive to a laundry list of foods and therefore cannot … Continue reading Gluten Dairy Grain “Free” Granola

Buon Gusto – Authentic Italiano Cuisine

Never one to back away from a challenge, when my sister in-law propositioned that I try the best pizza in Guelph, Ontario, spurred on by my review of Pizza V’s (read about it here), I tenaciously accepted the invitation.  That fearless acceptance of course had more to do with it being pizza than me being so ballsy – but nonetheless I was resolute in my … Continue reading Buon Gusto – Authentic Italiano Cuisine

Basil Pesto White Fish – Easy Cooking While Travelling

When planning a trip one of my most favourite things to do is to figure out what we’re going to eat.  I know, my head is always in my gut… or is it my gut is always in my head?  Any how, I try to keep the recipes light and healthy and of course the process simple regardless of how I am travelling. During a … Continue reading Basil Pesto White Fish – Easy Cooking While Travelling