Everyone knows that Canadians are friendly, overly apologetic, fanatic hockey fans who guzzle maple syrup by the gallons.  But did you know lacrosse is actually our national sport.  Or that we invented words that are found nowhere on this planet but in the land of the Maple Leaf?  Hi, I’m Lily, the True North Nomad – a writer, amateur photographer, travel lover and passionate Canuck!  This blog was born from my desire to educate, inform and advise you my reader, on Canadian life, customs, geography and history. Read my story here.

Canada is a large country!  Ok, it’s the second largest (land mass) in the world but let me give you some reference.  Canada spans almost 10 million square kilometers and crosses 6 time zones!  The provinces of Alberta and NWT share a national park (Wood Buffalo National Park) that is larger than the country of Switzerland!  And with one of the lowest population densities on the planet (approx. 8.8 people / sq mile) it means there is a ton of wilderness – pristine, untouched and ready to be explored.

We share the Great Lakes with our neighbours to the south, but with 20% of the earth’s fresh water, there are more lakes in Canada then in the rest of the world combined!  That is a lot of water to travel by canoe!   Canada holds 10% of the world’s forests – like I said a ton of wilderness.  We’re so crazy about nature we spend millions of dollars on “special” over and underpasses to ensure our fury Canadian population can cross our highways safely!

But we’re not all mountains, green lands and waterfalls.  No!  We have more donut shops per capita than in any other place in the world!  You gotta love Tim’s.  Oh and those words we invented – depending on when you visit Canada you should hear one: toque (pronounced tewk), chinook, mickey, May two four and dozens more!  We also pride ourselves as food connoisseurs inventing the likes of poutine, ketchup chips, butter tarts, Nanaimo bars, beaver tails, figgy duff and of course Saskatoon berry pie!

Let this blog help you discover this great country.  Through road trip ideas and sample itineraries, together we will explore the where, when and how of travelling through Canada.  Along the way we will find new places, attend festivals, photograph wild animals and enjoy great food.  From the largest of cities to the remote wilderness of this vast country, I will impart invaluable knowledge, entertainment and let you experience alongside me, the breathtaking scenery and uniqueness of this great land!

If you would like your business, town etc. to be featured on True North Nomad or are looking for a free-lance writer to author a Canadian piece, my contact info is below.  My fellow Canadians I implore you to share your own experiences via the comments sections.  For those thinking of travelling to Canada, or wanting to explore from afar, drop me a line with any questions.

Welcome to the True North Nomad.  Let me be your guide, exploring all things Canadian.

~ True North Nomad



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  1. Thanks for stopping by the pond, Lily. Your blog is beautiful, and so interesting. I look forward to journeying with you through the wilds of Canada 🙂

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  2. You’ve no idea how passionate I am about our great neighbor to the north. Have only had the pleasure of visiting the eastern half (three times so far). Can never get enough and certainly want to discover the rest of Canada. Came close to moving to NS many years ago. I look forward to reading more. Glad I found you–and thanks for the like.

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  3. Great blog! I noticed your copyright still has 2016. Always a challenge to keep everything up to date, isn’t it?! One year, it was May before I noticed my copyright was the wrong year, sigh. 🙂


  4. Thank you for the follow. I’m looking forward to learning more about Canadian culture. I’m a Londoner who has recently relocated to the States but if I’m honest, its always been my dream to head further north and live in Canada where I’ve always felt very at home.

    Maybe one day… 😊

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  5. Great description! I will have to check out your links as well. I grew up in the Great Lakes area and had a passion for canoeing and photography. Maple syrup is about the best thing on the planet. I still fondly recall the grade one field trip to go see how it was collected and made. Now I am out west and love to write about Alberta cold and Edmonton festivals.

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  6. Thanks for the like, Lily! Great blog, too! Canada’s awesome. 😀 Our family made a road trip through a lot of the provences a few years back and the little guys still have fond memories of TimBits. XD

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  7. I’m so glad to have discovered you as a result of you liking one of my posts today. I adore Canada and Canadians are amazing and friendly people. I’ve never had anything other than happy experiences traveling throughout Canada and am your newest follower. Terrific blog!


    • Thank you so much for following me! This blog’s intent is to promote Canada and I know there are many beautiful places other than here. I’m going to do a series called Canadian Abroad, you know to keep the Canadian theme, but I it will be about travel outside of Canada. My first post will actually be Denver, Colorado!! Thank you again and take care!


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