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See A New You With 5 Simple Detoxes That Will Make You Feel Amazing

After weeks of holiday parties, binge drinking and eating, most of us feel bloated, sluggish and crappy.  We’re puffy, our skin is breaking out like a pubescent teen and constipation has cemented our bowels and mood and has turned us into a sourpuss instead of our cheery, sunny selves!

For as many days and weeks we’ve ignored that voice inside our heads to “be good”, there are a laundry-list of products on the market that claim they can remove toxins from our blood, colon, liver and pretty much every other organ/metabolic process in the human body.  Promises of weight loss and an additional spring in our step help us overlook the ridiculous price tag attached.

And although detoxing doesn’t require special supplements or formulas, sometimes our bodies could use a little help.  So, if you’re ready to see a new you and feel amazing, here are 5 safe and simple detoxes.

health detox exercise water

Baking Soda & Epsom Salt Baths
Our skin is our largest elimination organ.  Warm to hot water helps draw out impurities when the body is submerged for any length of time.  Some believe Epsom salts help this process.  Whether they do or not would require a science experiment this little blog isn’t prepared to perform.  But what experts can agree on is that Epsom salts help alleviate sore muscles.  Baking soda helps neutralize the chlorine in the water so you’re not reabsorbing more nasty chemicals.  Just you and a soothing, hot bath.  Try not feel amazing.

Sweating To The Oldies
Sticking with the skin, toxins can also be released via our sweat.  There is nothing more budget-friendly than perspiration when it’s created via a warm bath or exercise.  Far infrared saunas do a great job of pumping out the nasties but have added benefits including pain relief and the promotion of circulation and healing.

health detox exercise water

Potty Break – No 1
It’s all about elimination.  Another efficient way of riding your body of contaminants is upping the number of your bathroom visits, particularly No. 1.  Drinking a minimum 8 glasses of water a day will not only stimulate your body to release toxins, but it will also flush them away in your urine so they are not reabsorbed.  Green tea and water offers the same benefit but drinking 8 cans of pop (soda), ya well, not so much.  Pop, lemonades, iced teas etc are full of sodium and sugar and will negate the benefits of the water contained in such products.

Also, don’t drink gallons of water in the hopes of washing your innards sparkling clean.  Too much of anything is a bad thing.  Believe it or not, you can dilute your blood if too much water is consumed which cannot only hurt you but can actually kill you.  So refrain from buckets and buckets of water a day.  Stay to the 8 cup limit.

Potty  Break – No 2
Just like the previous pathway, our bowels also aid detoxification via our bowel movements.  Excrement, which is filled with waste your body is trying to eliminate, gives toxins the opportunity to be reabsorbed back into our blood system if feces is left in the plumbing for too long.  For a healthy body, bowel and clear skin it is important to keep things moving along.  Up your fibre intake through food or take a nightly supplement.

health detox exercise water

Lymphatic System
Unlike our vascular system that has the heart to pump our blood up, out and through our entire body, or lymphatic system is sluggish and tends to pool as it lacks any pump at all.  Instead, it is the movement of our bodies and gravity that forces this process to work.  For example, as we walk, the pounding of our feet with each step moves sludge up and out to elimination points..  Without exercise and physical exertion our lymph nodes become cesspools of crap.

Now that you know how easy, fast and cheap it is to detox I expect you’ll be sipping water and running on the spot by the time you finish reading this.  Goodbye holiday bloat, hello skinny jeans.  Don’t you feel better already?

~ True North Nomad

How do you get your body in peak performance after the overindulgence of the holidays?  Tell us in the comments below.

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30 thoughts on “See A New You With 5 Simple Detoxes That Will Make You Feel Amazing

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  1. I have to ask if the person minded you snapping them on the loo from under the door? 😄

    The last time I had a sickness bug, a chemist recommended a probiotic to help get me normal again. After my guts had recovered, however, I noticed I was still getting cold sweats and shivering every night. It turned out the probiotic was pushing toxins out big time and when I stopped taking it I was normal again. Interesting to know, I thought.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Graham, I have to tell you that the pic generated more comments to my cell phone from family and friends than I would have expected. I was laughing when I took it, laughing when I posted it and laughing all day yesterday with every comment I received. Just to note, they were only modelling (trust me I’d never get that close to anyone while going to the loo) but because they were identifiable to my family and friend it made it that much funnier.

      Whenever I have stomach problems I always take probiotics now. I had a really bad issue with my stomach last year and only probiotics could help. Anyways I know what you mean by detoxing you and making you feel crappy. I only take them when my stomach is bad.

      ON a side note – I’m in chapter 5 of your book – and it’s very funny! Take care.


      1. You might start a trend of posing for photos on the toilet if you’re not careful…😂. Excellent! So long as posing is all it is!

        Glad you are enjoying the book so far.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting post Lily 🙂
    I prefer Himalaya salt and this works very well too.

    This I use about 1 time a week, when I remember 😉
    I use a big spoon of Himalaya salt, 1/2 cup of white vinegar and warm water, mix well for at nice bath for your feet.

    Himalaya salt is also great for the bath tub.

    Liked by 1 person

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