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Q’s High Five – The Free Spirits

Welcome to this edition of Q’s High Five where we’re featuring writers, poets, wanderers, activists and a dad.  Without further ado, here are the bloggers we’ve nicknamed “The Free Spirits”.

Joseph E Bird
Joseph has not only gone through the trouble of collecting those rare stories, poems and songs that speak to your heart, but he’s also gone and written many of the collection.  The depths of his thoughts make you stop and listen… kinda like those moments that have you take note during your passage into adulthood.  Guitars, Cadillacs and NPR all in the same post – this guy’s my doppelgänger I’ve no doubt about it.  You can catch up on Joseph’s latest words here.

Traveling Matters To Us
If you are looking for a great time with tons of travel told by a fantastic blog, then you need to meet Mel & Suan over at Traveling Matters To Us here.  After approximately 20 years globetrotting, this dynamic duo has a cautionary tale or two for those just getting into this thing called travel.  From How-to to how-not-to you’ll be flipping through screens like pages of a novel.  Have fun in Bangkok in 2018 guys!  Can’t wait to hear all your exciting stories.

Touching The Tarkine
Helen, aka the Tasmanian Traveler, has inspired us all via her blogs Walking The Derwent where we first met her and her current walkabout adventure, Touching the Tarkine.  It is evidenced in both these blogs her devotion and love of her environment and country.  A passionate protector of mother nature, you can find Helen’s most recent adventure here.

All In A Dad’s Work
Eric is that awesome dad you always said you’d be someday.  As described in All In A Dad’s Work, Eric documents his daily adventures as Father to his two young boys Crash and Bang.  There are moments of brilliance in his writing sitting right next to the sputtering, messy truth about being a parent.  For child-rearing tips or some good-hearted fun visit Eric’s blog here.

Steps and Pauses Mostly Mindful
I think it possible that Jazz may have the coolest landing page that I’ve ever seen.  Retired from IBM, Jazz spends her time filling her blog with daily musings and poetry.  And although her background may be with a tech giant, it is obvious where her passion lies – and that’s within the creative realm where her words flourish and really make you think.  Catch up with Jazz here.

~ Q

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