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True North Nomad 2017 Year In Review

As 2017 comes to a close we reflect back on our very eventful year starting with Six Tips for Newbie Bloggers.  As promised in the first post, 2017 was a year of change.  And although many of what we had planned and prepared for did come to fruition, it was the unexpected that coloured our past year.  So as always, here are the highlights of 2017 according to True North Nomad

Transformation Insanity

Change is always good.  It challenges us to evolve.  Whether we fail or succeed in our quest for something better regardless of the circumstance we face is dependent upon our adaptability and our willingness to march forward even when the house is on fire (figuratively not literally).

Regulations Up The Wazoo!
In preparing for our Nomad existence, Q and I ventured out to our closest Ram dealer and built the truck of our dreams.  Now you’d think someone might have said something about the laws and regulations regarding owning a monster truck?  But no one, not the RAM dealership or the RV dealership where we purchased our RV said a word.  And as Q and I found out there were many hoops, paperwork, certification and expenses we had to complete before we could even drive our dream truck… let alone haul a trailer with it.  You can read about the Rules, Regulations and RVs we had to navigate after making this purchase.

rv, rving, rv life, rv travel, rv canada, towing

It’s Hard To Say Goodbye!
As our readers know, Q and I sold our home for our Nomadic existence, which was exciting and planned.  Unexpectedly was the remorse we felt detaching from our home and belongings.  Who knew you could become attached to “things”?  As we stated in Letting Go of Home, we finally were able to move past this unforeseen obstacle and move onto bigger and better things.

full-time rv living, rv travel, rving

What The Hell Did I Just Get Myself Into?
After selling our house things didn’t actually go as planned.  Another unanticipated event was when we found ourselves struggling to find a home in a rental market that was filled with more renters than rentals and the delay of the delivery of our new mobile living quarters.  As a result, our dream stalled and we found ourselves stuck in one of the wackiest hotels on the planet.  A word of CAUTION, our post Stuck In A Nightmare, Instead of Living The Dream is littered with profanity and was possibly written while under the influence.

nomad, travel nightmare, rv life, travel

Higher Than A Kite
Just into the infancy of our nomadic lifestyle, my illness reared its ugly head.  After 5 weeks of the most unbearable pain I have ever been in, I almost raised the white flag of defeat, sending us back to our home province.  I’m stubborn as hell, as the five weeks attests too and my refusal to turn back had Q medicating me so I was higher than a kite.  Get some pointers on medicating your travelling companion in our post, Rolling Stoned – Four Tips For Travelling With a Medicated Patient.

travelling medicated, travel, illness

Transformation Bliss

When a good plan comes together and is executed as per specifications and within scope there is a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Home Sweet Home
After almost 7 months of absurdity on top of lunacy on top of downright madness, Q and I finally took possession of our new truck and fifth wheel.  Excited to get on the road and begin our new life, we were just as excited to show off our new digs.  Read about our TNN nomadic, dream team and those who helped us make this year a possibility in our post Introducing.

nomadic lifestyle, full time rv living, rv life, travel, nomad, ram 3500 dually, grand design solitude

Nomadic Travels
Finally on the road Q and began our adventure and one of the many things we saw we couldn’t wait to write about was the wild herd of buffalo or bison as they are known in North America, we found east of Edmonton, Alberta.  After playing hide and seek we finally found where the buffalo roam in Elk Island National Park.

elk island national park, north american bison, hiking, travel, conservation
Elk Island National Park, Alberta

It’s Always About The Food
I don’t know why everything for us revolves around food but it does and this year had no disappointments when it came to our culinary adventures.  From our family’s Sunday Frittata to our Vegan Cabbage Rolls, we shared some delicious, healthy recipes that won’t have you feeling guilty.

frittata, recipe, eggs, healthy, blog

City Fit for a Queen
Our second last post of the year detailed one of the prettiest cities we have ever visited across Canada, which not only had epic restaurants but shopping and activities for everyone’s interests.  After reading our post, Victoria In 24 Hours you can bet you’ll be adding this city fit for a Queen to your bucket list.

victoria, british columbia, parliament building
Victoria Parliament Buildings

2017 saw so much change we hardly recognize ourselves now as the countdown to a new year begins.  Rest assured, we are still committed and excited to travel, photograph and eat on your behalf long past the stroke of midnight on December 31st.  Thank you for your readership, companionship and friendship.  We wish you well and look forward to what 2018 brings!

~True North Nomad

Maybe it’s much too early in the game; Aah, but I thought I’d ask you just the same; What are you doing New Year’s; New Year’s Eve? – Not following TNN? WordPress User’s click button to your right OR enter your email address and click “follow” bottom right and never miss an impassioned tale again!

38 thoughts on “True North Nomad 2017 Year In Review

    1. Hello to you my fellow nomads! I bet in 6 years you’ve figured out the nomad system. We’re still working on it but its getting easier. Just to clarify do you mean a Dodge Ram pickup? I only ask because I thought Rams were a North American offering. Some manufacturers are like that… if not all. Take care and I’m so glad you found our blog. I hope you stay tuned for our adventures of 2018 and I will be sure to check out your little space of the internet.

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  1. What a crazy wacked year it has been for all! So many changes and challenges. I want you to know how following your blog has given me more faith and strength to get through my own challenges of 2017 . It always seems to put things in prospective. There are still tears and frustration but you do give me strength. Who knows, I may start my own blog on living the dream working at the big “W”.
    All the very best to you and Q in 2018!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. If you can find strength or inspiration from anything I say or do then I am really happy. I also think you should start your own blog… and just for clarification if the dream is to work at the big “W”… are we talking about Wendy’s here? Will that make me the “Baconator”? Ok, don’t answer that. Take care and stay tuned for 2018… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow so much within one year you did. Congrats on being able to let go and move onto what you truly wanted, which is not always was when we’ve gotten so used to and so attached to the things around us. May this new year bring many more exciting ventures for you:)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year for you and your family Lily. I look forward to reading and seeing more of your posts (and amazing photos) and hope that the next venture brings you better health, stability, and joy!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. “So much to do…”, say, read, touch, taste, hear, think, about, read….; in so little time. Ain’t Life Grand? At least for those of us who happened to be born in a democratic country, and where we not only get to survive, but also thrive upon whatever comes, or doesn’t come, our way. Count our blessings, not our “wants”; I am delighted to read of your past year’s journey. Tally-Ho!

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  5. Your adventures and challenges have been so stimulating and I can’t wait to read more. My travelling partner works full time so our chance to get away has been curtailed – but tomorrow (much excitement) we are off for two weeks to explore the northern Tarkine. I am like a young kid waiting for Christmas (who cares about that when we can see and discover!). Best wishes for the season and for a fabulous 2018!

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  6. Beautiful pictures and a great story. Reminds me of why I love my Oh-Canada so much. I am about to set sail on a cross continent journey myself, albeit in a much shorter timeframe, and in the middle of winter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are going to have a great time on your trip I’m sure! Can’t wait to hear all the adventures. I love travelling in winter, although it can be a bit scary when you have to drive through blizzards or on ice. Have a safe journey and take care!

      Liked by 2 people

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