nomadic lifestyle, full time rv living, rv life, travel, nomad, ram 3500 dually, grand design solitude

It has been seven months in the making. The desire to sell everything we own, purchase a tenement on wheels and drive wherever the open road may take us. After a very tiring half-year of preparing and selling our house (read here), or living in a crazy motel for two months (read here), the time has finally come and yes folks, we are now living the dream. For our readers who have been waiting equally as long to see what we traded our stationary existence for, I give to you TNN’s Dream Team.

A 2017 RAM 3500 dually, we named Edith, which has the strength to pull her counterpart without our foot even on the pedal. She is as powerful as she is beautiful and although we had many a hoop to jump through because of her ability to tow (read about RV regulations here), we wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Next is our 2018 Grand Design Solitude fifth wheel, which we’ve named Archie’s Bunker. He is heavy, bulky and handsome as hell. He contains all of our comforts of home and with an ever-changing view.

nomadic lifestyle, full time rv living, rv life, travel, nomad, ram 3500 dually, grand design solitude

nomadic lifestyle, full time rv living, rv life, travel, nomad, ram 3500 dually, grand design solitude

And so we’re clear, dreams of this magnitude do not happen without sacrifice. Yes, we sold our home, sold most of our belongings and gave up being near our family, but the sacrifice I speak of is from those who have helped us make our dream come true.

You cannot change your life in such a large way without it touching someone else, unless of course, you are truly alone in this world, which we are not. Our children have sacrificed the most. Our youngest daughter, Jack, who was still living at home at the time and going to university, told us to follow our dream and would not allow herself to be a roadblock to our aspirations. I’m not sure she understood the displacement her life would take because our need to be mobile but she never once complained or reneged on her agreement for us to go even as she lost her family home, her parents, the two dogs we were taking with us and the third dog we lost to illness during the process. We totally and utterly rearranged her life and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for being so selfless.

nomadic lifestyle, full time rv living, rv life, travel, nomad, ram 3500 dually, grand design solitude

nomadic lifestyle, full time rv living, rv life, travel, nomad, ram 3500 dually, grand design solitude

Our other daughter, Ali, will feel our absence less in her daily life because she lives with her young family outside our home. And although we would now miss out on our weekly meet ups with her and our grandson Calum (Calumazoo), she promised we would stay close via FaceTime. A promise she has kept and one in which we enjoy immensely. Family means everything to us and to be able to stay connected and in the loop of Calum’s weekly achievements has allowed us to travel away for extended periods knowing we won’t miss a thing.

When my brother Chuck and my sister-in-law Maggie offered to allow us to store some “stuff” in their house, we graciously accepted. Only our prized possessions were to be kept – our art collection and our Christmas decorations (yes I’m one of those people). With furniture not being sold in time and other items creeping into our scope of things that needed to be kept, we eventually sent two and a half moving vans full of our belongings for storage. And as big as their house is, we essentially filled every nook and cranny in the basement, garage and back yard. To allow someone to impose their belongings in your personal space is generous enough, but to add insult to injury, although we packed the vans, it was them and their son Connor who did all the heavy lifting and unpacking once they had arrived.

nomadic lifestyle, full time rv living, rv life, travel, nomad, ram 3500 dually, grand design solitude

On our end, the packing and moving seemed to go on forever! I’m as useless as tits on a bull, and luckily we are surrounded by great guys with some serious muscle. Our nephew Nick drove the three-hour trek to our house twice to help his Uncle move Aunt Lily’s unbelievably heavy furniture (so they say).  Jack and Ali’s boyfriends Anthony (T-bone) and Mitchell helped night after night until our house was empty and the moving vans were full.

As busy as others were, they sacrificed their time and gave of their profession.  My hair dresser, who is the best stylist in the world and someone I just adore, spent hours with Q and me teaching us how to colour my hair.  I don’t know if we’ll get it right, but it was important to her that I don’t look like a hag on our journey.  Even my doctor’s joined in helping us secure treatment options and appointments via phone & the internet to allow us to travel. All were accommodating and genuinely happy for us.

And as our adventure began the help continued to poured in. We met Marie & Henry in southern Ontario. Full-timers themselves, they gave us pointers, where to find information and offered companionship during our brief stay together. Friends we will stay connected with as we navigate this mobile existence albeit apart, but on the same path nonetheless. Then there was the drunken trio from BC and the young family Rob and Shandy in northern Ontario who helped us back our fifth wheel into a heavily forested site, and in the dark no less. Or the young couple from Leduc, Alberta who helped us back our fifth wheel out of the RV wash we wouldn’t fit under and then proceeded to drive us to a wash where we would fit. How all these people just happened to be where we needed help when we needed it, I will never know, but we felt fortunate to have their help and to meet them all.

nomadic lifestyle, full time rv living, rv life, travel, nomad, ram 3500 dually, grand design solitude

As I said, dreams are not without sacrifice. All of the above people have been placed in our path whether it was for their knowledge, muscle, time, storage space or selfless acts of love. We could never have fulfilled our deepest desire without each and every one of you. To family, friends old and new, and to the strangers passing in the night, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

~True North Nomad

Who made a sacrifice to help you achieve something you desired?  Give them a shoutout in our comments below.

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48 responses to “Introducing…

  1. Recently I was in central Australia at a Rollers Solo event in the East MacDonnell Ranges. 500 women had travelled (often alone) from all parts of big Australia in their caravans, motorhomes and whatever else. They loved the nomadic life and were not afraid of being alone and isolated in remote places (which is what a lot of Australia is). I was one of the few who flew in – and I learnt so much from the joy of these women. So I have no doubt your new venture will be a wonderful adventure. Best wishes.

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  2. Congratulations on a successful launch! No great thing is ever done alone, I’m glad you have supportive family and friends. When my parents were considering changing jobs and moving halfway across the country, leaving their four kids, me an adult living on my own, the other three in three different universities here in Michigan, the kids and I had some phone calls between us where we all decided to tell mom and dad it was OK for them to leave and follow their dream…even though it meant that the 3 kids still in school would no longer have a ‘home’ to go back to, at least not one they recognized. It all turned out just fine and made for some pretty good stories we still tell 40 years later. I suspect it will be the same for your family.

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  3. I am so happy for the both of you!!! And I am sure you will do an awesome job on your hair!!! As I was reading this it made me cry!! I feel lucky and honoured to not only call you my clients but also my friends. You are both an inspiration to me and the team you two make together is unstoppable. I will miss our deep salon conversations about life and your funny stories…….until we meet again!!!!
    Love Tabitha

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    • Tabs, you’re the best and honestly are like family to us. We’ll have to set some time aside every 5 weeks to text so we can continue our chats ;). Take care and keep me posted on how you are doing from time to time!!! Love ya!


  4. Off and on I’ve envisioned a nomadic lifestyle but finally acknowledged that I am (happily) tethered to place, so I’m just gonna sit back and live my sometimes dream vicariously through your blog. Really appreciate your take on the sacrifice of others.

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    • Yes they are large… the truth is our original trailer was 6 feet longer. After thinking about it we traded down to this one, which is still huge. Yes I’ll do a post on the inside to show what our new humble abode looks like! Its not big but its functional. And yes we are so thrilled to finally hit the road. We got going so fast we just kept moving until finally after two weeks we were exhausted and slowed the journey down. We’re on a slower pace now but still very exciting!

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        • To be honest, the truck takes diesel which is so much cheaper then gas that the cost to fuel the large tanks on the truck is about the same in price as it was to fill my old car which used premium gasoline. When we are hauling though the truck does go through diesel fast and yes it can get pretty expensive. We plan breaks in between destinations to give our budget a rest.

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  5. This is amazing! Every nomad’s dream! It’s great to see that you are ready to take on your next adventures by storm. I am glad your family is so supportive!
    Got to give my mother and brother a shout out for their support of my non stop life. 😉

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    • Well we’re only in the beginning stages but so far we love it… you and your fiancé may need to try to nomadic lifestyle – its pretty awesome. thanks for the well wishes and take care!

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  6. My husband…for supporting me through school, my early career, and everything else! I am also one of “those” Christmas people. So glad to see you following your dream! *inspired*

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