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Q’s High Five – About The Ladies

This instalment of Q’s High Five is all about the ladies! These fantastic five ladies are bringing art, literature, knowledge and some serious life attitude via their blogs. Without further ado, here are Q’s High Five – About The Ladies.

Lottie Flint
Like Lily, Lottie is a photographer, but that’s not the only reason we love her site. Reading her posts is like catching up with your sister or a favourite cousin over a good cup of joe. Her whimsical style is warm and endearing, while she gives you a front row seat to her adventures, like creating a magical cupcake or mince pie. If you are having a bad day or just feeling kind of blah, a quick catch up with Lottie will have you smiling in no time. Check out Lottie’s adventures here.

Beyond The Precipice
Eva is a fellow Canuck and an amazing author who is praised by peers and readers alike and without wonder. Reading her work is an exercise in temptation! The temptation to spoil oneself with a good book, cozy chair, comfy socks… ok and a glass of JD on the rocks since we’re spoiling ourselves. A sweet lady who proves the pen is mightier than the sword, you can read all about Eva and her work here.

Known only as Rhapsodyboheme, Lily says they are kindred spirits and I can see why. They both face the world with tenacity, scars and all. Be prepared to catch your breath or forgetting to breathe altogether while reading Rhapsody’s blog. I am in awe of her courage to share her life and inner thoughts. I was equally intrigued to find someone who considers the traditional spiritual connections to the world around us… her commentary regarding this issue is just beautiful. With your heartstrings pulled, don’t forget to breathe… you can check out her blog here.

Ok, I’m pretty sure Lily found Irene’s website because of all her beautiful jewellery she designs and creates (Lily is shall we say, a bit of a sucker for jewellery). But in addition to her gorgeous creations, Irene also brings her insights into how we are all interconnected with each other and our little blue planet. Although Danish, Irene followed her heart and now finds herself in Spain, which we find very cool! You can check out her jewellery and blog here.

Kids Of The Wild
Lucy is crazy about nature just like Lily and I. From educating you on campfire cooking to attracting birds to your garden year round, the photos of all the cute furry and feathery critters will have you “awing” constantly. A very passionate advocate for the environment, you can read about her inspiring adventures in the wild here.

~ Q

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