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Q’s High Five

Welcome to Q’s High Five.  A new feature here at True North Nomad, where I, Q, get to give some blog loving to our fellow bloggers. Once a quarter, I will select five blogs that either inspire, educate, entertain or simply tickle us in unforgotten places!

Without further ado… Here are Q’s High Five!

Spirit In Politics
Tom never surprises us with his poetic elegance and his gift for being able to see the beautiful forest beyond the trees.  Filled with some exceptional photography of the State of Michigan, visit Spirit In Politics here.

Forty Two World 
Graham over at Forty Two World shares his adventures in New Zealand, along with all the beautiful attractions and daily island living. As if New Zealand isn’t enough to wander over to Forty Two World for, but you will want to seek out his writing and photography regarding his work rehabilitating birds!  You can visit Forty Two World here.

Rich’s Rambles 
Rich is a very active boomer (he seems to always be out hiking) who spends his time exploring and photographing in British Columbia, Canada. A nature lover, Rich will give you some glimpses of  nature’s beauty all while keeping it safely tucked away, hidden out of reach!  Visit Rich’s Rambles here.

PhotoFinland is the work of a husband/wife combo known only as Rantasalot and their cat Kosmo.  Showcasing some of the most exceptional scenery on the planet of their homeland Finland and the creatures that inhabit it.  To view this beautiful imagery you can visit PhotoFinland here.

Heron There & Everywhere
Donna will keep you captivated over at Heron There & Everywhere with her beautiful poetry and photography. In addition to her super content, is the constant reminder of all those trucking songs you’ve heard of (Donna tells tales of her life as a trucker’s wife). “18 Wheels And A Dozen Roses” anyone?  You can check out Heron There & Everywhere here.

~ Q

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23 thoughts on “Q’s High Five

  1. Hey. Just wanted to say thanks for the shout out there. Really nice of you to do something like this. I really enjoy your blog too. I was thinking just the other day how I get so much more out of reading via WordPress than I ever do from “friends” on Facebook. It is just so much more rewarding and you learn so much along the way. 🙂

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