True North Nomad 2016 Year In Review

As with every year’s end, Q and I look back on the past 12 months and reflect on the good, bad and ugly.  This year had some awesome highs and a few lows.  Here are TNNs most notable highlights of 2016.

driving the dempster highway yukon

driving the dempster highway yukon

Q and I were fortunate enough to visit the Yukon Territory.  A beautiful and rugged landscape, hospitable people and the most remote wilderness we have ever explored, this trip was a dream come true.  Read about the beauty of this land and our drive up the Dempster highway here.

A four-month hiatus was a double-edged sword.  A much-needed treatment left me unable to do much of anything.  I missed travelling, blogging and although it was a necessary evil I wish I would have been at least somewhat coherent during this time.  Luckily for me, once the treatment was over I was off, chasing the open road.

By far the weirdest thing we did in 2016, and possibly in our life, was join the Sourtoe Cocktail club.  It was a gross, exciting, booze filled evening. There are great people in Dawson City, including the other tourists we met.  A fun place for all, read about the Sourtoe Cocktail here.

dead human toe mmmm..
dead human toe mmmm..

Awesomest Bite
Although we weren’t impressed with the service, the food at Nero’s Steakhouse was divine!  I was in heaven at Nero’s, even though I had to sell my first-born and get a second mortgage on the house to pay for the evenings dinner.  Should you ever visit Caesar Windsor you must try this restaurant.  But as this post warns here… better bring a wad of cash with you.


TNN was nominated for the Versatile Blogger award and it was very endearing.  As I stated in the post here, blogging puts us on a platform for the world to see. I am appreciative that people read my blog and bother to respond. I have had a great time this past year reading other’s adventures, perspectives and life and getting to know each and every one of you just a bit more.

how fear motivated me to live

Sometimes life foils the best laid plans, but as you see for every low there are a ton of highs.  Again as last year, we thank you, all our readers who take the time to read, comment and connect with us.  We have enjoyed your companionship and are eager to begin 2017 with our new friends!  Happy New year to each and every one of you and all the best in 2017!

~True North Nomad

How did 2016 pan out for you?  Tell us your 2017 resolutions.

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