pleasure-way class b rv review

Pleasure-Way Lexor Class B RV Review

pleasure-way class b rv review

It seems that for forever Q and I have been longing to travel the open road in an RV.  But they are expensive to rent and even more so to buy.  And with everything that needs to be considered where does a newbie RVer begin?

Recently we bit the bullet and rented a Pleasure Way Class B RV.  The Lexor model was to be our tenement on wheels across 2500 km (1560 mi) of Yukon and Alaskan remote wilderness.

Here is our review of the many features of this 21 Ft van motorhome.

Private Enclosed Wet Bath with Shower
Thetford China Bowl Pedal Flush Toilet
Vanity with Storage
Medicine Cabinet
Stainless Steel Sink

One of the most important rooms and honestly my biggest trepidation regarding any recreational vehicle is the bathroom.  In a motorhome the size of the Lexor, I was certain that a bathroom break would involve a half exposed ass sitting in the middle of the RV with only one cheek in privacy.  Well, I can report that the bathroom in this RV is not only huge by Class B standards, it is well equipped with tons of storage.  Ok, you can’t do the hokey pokey but you sure can turn yourself around in the space provided and with the door closed I might add.

There is a curtain that surrounds the toilet that can be pulled so you can bath with a hand-held shower head.  We didn’t use it and I’m not sure I ever would even if I owned the RV.  The comforts, electricity and space offered in campground facilities were certainly much better.

pleasure-way class b rv review

Multiplex Wiring Dimmable Lighting
Led Lights
2.8 Onan Gas Generator
45 Amp Converter With Charge Wizard
400 Watt Inverter for Entertainment System
Dual Coach Batteries
Coach Battery Disconnect Switch
Automatic Resetting 12 Volt Breakers

I’m not a really savvy energy person, that is to say I have no idea when to use what option, and there are a ton of options in the Lexor.  Shore power, battery, gas generator, solar panel – the possibilities seemed endless.  In our 10 days out on the open road and only ever plugging into shore power once, we never lost our lights.  Out in the middle of no where this RV lit up like a fireball.  Plugged in at a campground, the 12 volt outlets allowed us to use items like hairdryer, curling iron and the onboard microwave.

Rear 24” Led Lcd TV On Swing Out Arm
Rear Blu Ray Player
Cable TV Hook Up
Winegard Digital TV Antenna With Booster

I’d love to boast about the entertainment system but the truth is the RV rental store disabled the entertainment equipment and power awning listed above and below.  I’m sure this is to keep resell value as high as they can.

pleasure-way class b rv review

Power Awning
2000 Pound Hitch and Wiring
Led Porch Light
110 Volt Plug
Awning Style Frameless Windows

There was a ton of lights and many access controls for specific areas of the RV or the entire lighting system.  With LED lighting it was light and bright even on the darkest nights allowing us to eat, read or chill in the comforts of being able to see.

The awning style windows are great for when it rains.  The design of the bottom pushing out allows rain to flow right off the window instead of into the RV.  The only complaint I had in this area was the fit of the window screens.  They didn’t actually reach edge to edge, leaving a gap for bugs to crawl in on our unsuspecting, sleeping selves.  After being tortured the first night by kamikaze mosquitos (read about how to deal with bugs here) we plugged the gaps with toilet paper.  I know it’s aesthetically unpleasing but we MacGyver’ed the shit out of those screens.

Heating & Cooling
11,000 Btu Roof Top Air Conditioner
Low Profile Fan-Tastic Fan
16,000 Btu Auto Ignite Lp Furnace

This little RV has an air conditioner (which we didn’t use) and a furnace (which we did use).  The propane fuelled heater kicked in three nights of our trip when the temps dipped to a frigid 3°C (37°F).  No achy bodies from being damp and cold for this crew in the morning.

The fan, situated in the middle of the RV pulls fumes the cookstove and the bathroom out of the vehicle so you don’t choke on odors of any kind!

pleasure-way class b rv review

Hardwood Maple Cabinet Doors
Blum European Hinges
Hafele Cabinet Door Stays
Co, Lp & Smoke Detectors
Fire Extinguisher
Vinyl Soft Touch Headliner
Vinyl Flooring
Privacy Curtains

This was a very beautiful motorhome.  With the exception of the window screens everything else had quality fit and finish.  Our only other issue was with the bathroom door, not the actual material but rather its potential to pull off it’s hinges.  If the RV is not level the bathroom door has a tendency to swing open fast and furious and I could see it would eventually pull itself right off after time.  If it were my RV, or if I were designing for Pleasure-Way, I would add a chain to the top of the door that prevented the it from flying open to far and risking disaster.

3-Way 5 Cubic Foot Fridge
Microwave/Convection Oven
2 Burner Flush Mount LP Stove
Single Lever Faucet
Stainless Steel Sink
Corian Counter Top
Full Extension Ball Bearing Drawer Glides
Flip Up Counter Extension

I loved this little kitchen.  It is tight but functional.  There is a fairly large workspace considering the length of the entire motorhome.  Two burner stove, microwave/conventional oven and a fridge that was the largest we had seen in such a small space.  Only one person can really be in the kitchen at a time but I was able to make us a spaghetti dinner with garlic bread and beer one night and a roast beef dinner, asparagus, baked potatoes with the fixings and wine another.  Two home-made meals, quite easily prepared in this practical kitchen layout.

And although its size and equipment ensured we could eat well in the middle of no where, there was one annoyance that drove me nuts on our journey.  If the warning to not open the refrigerator door too wide by two rental agents escaped us, the manufacturers caution sticker on the door stressed this point.  Now the term “too wide” is very relative.  Who the hell knows what “too wide” is.  You could see by the design that Pleasure-Way had recessed the fridge too far back into the cabinet.  My guess is, if the door is opened to far, it will pop itself right off the hinges.  Solutions – quit building too deep of a cabinet for the fridge!  Or, like the bathroom door attach a chain that only allows the door to swing open to the acceptable wideness.

The best thing about the fridge though was that it could be sourced from three different power options, the van itself, shore power or propane.  This meant our fridge was always on.  In the 10 days from when our food was purchased, all items stayed cold and fresh.

One other thing to mention about the kitchen.  The microwave/convection oven can only be used when the van is plugged into shore power (something Pleasure-Way has modified in their 2017 model).

pleasure-way class b rv review

Plumbing & LP
Shur Flo Demand Water System
On Demand Water Heater
Monitor Panel Fresh, Grey, Black, LP and Battery
Lp Tank With Power Shut Off

So I’m not an expert in plumbing in general, and in an RV even less.  But I liked the screen that showed the levels of the propane tank, drinking water tank, grey tank (sink water), black tank (toilet waste) and battery percentage.  This was very useful in determining when we needed to dump or refill.  Refilling was a breeze for the drinking water and believe it or not in the 10 days on the road with the propane being used for our heater, fridge and cookstove it never went to zero until our very last day.

Unfortunately this is another area where the RV was a pain in the arse.  We were instructed to empty the gray and black tanks every third day even if the levels were low.  The location of these tanks are behind the driver’s door under a ground skirt.  The gravel and dirt caked into this housing made it impossible for Q to twist open the valves with his bare hands.  Each time we had to dump the RV we had to search out a wrench (as tools were not provided in the RV).  Also, the locking mechanisms that hold the skirt closed while driving were seized making it impossible to even close one.

The actual dumping of the RV is a simple gravity design that works well.  All the campgrounds we visited had the site-specific dumping station at the back of the site.  With the location of the drain in a ridiculous location and an even more ridiculous length of hose, we could never hook our bathroom up at our site and always had to use the grounds designated main dump where we could drive up over it to reach our drain.

Rear Seating Area
Power Sofa with Two Three Point Seat Belts
Memory Foam Cushions
Ultra Leather Fabric
Hemmed Loose Lay Carpet

This power sofa is made of memory foam which made for a very soft, comfortable sleep and sitting.  The bed pulls down into a King size space which was more than enough room for Q and I, or if you’re mad at each other you can keep it as two twins for the night.

pleasure-way class b rv review

Final Impression
Leading up to our trip we were certain we’d be “roughing” it in the northern wilderness of Canada and the USA.  We couldn’t have been more wrong.  Yes, our RV may have been in the middle of no where, but there was no “roughing” it at all.  We had every convenience and comfort of home should we choose to use it.  With all the onboard power, propane and holding tanks the Lexor allowed us to stay in the most remote locations while being able to eat well and use an actual toilet.  Setup was literally as easy as pulling over and finding a level spot – excellent for beginner RVers.

This Class B is built on a RAM 3500 chassis which gave us a ton of power up steep mountain inclines, even bush roads and the ride was still smooth (although the pot holes at times rattled our teeth).  With tons of room in the driving cabin and all the technology you’d need the van was well equipped.

Not only could we drive this RV literally anywhere a car could go, because of size and the turning radius but the gas mileage was phenomenal.  As a comparison we own a car that doesn’t get this kind of mileage.  It was easy to drive in traffic in the cities and agile and small enough to fit into a regular parking lot and in drive throughs.

The best feature of this RV though has to be all the windows.  We have been in competitor Class B RVs and they were all dark, almost a cave like feeling.  Not the Lexor.  With windows along three sides of the van and half way on the fourth it offered the driver visibility unheard of in an RV and gave you opportunities to view the spectacular landscapes from any where in the motorhome – including the bathroom.  And the commercial look of the RV lends itself to not be a target to would be thieves.

To see photos of the interior and the many options of materials visit the Pleasure-Way site here.

The Lexor model is well-appointed with quality finishes.  It drives like a dream and Pleasure-Way was able to pack everything you need into this tiny foot print.  Q and I give it 2 beaver tails up!

~True North Nomad

Have you ever travelled in an RV?  What was the make and model, and what did you like about it most?

On the road again.  I just can’t wait to get on the road again – enter your email address top left, bottom right or bottom centre of this post and click “Follow” and never miss an impassioned tale again!

37 thoughts on “Pleasure-Way Lexor Class B RV Review

  1. I know you made the comment that you got excellent gas mileage, could you possibly remember the approx MPG you got.
    BTW Great article, we saw the Luxor at a recent RV show in Toronto and were very impressed with the fit and finish, coupled with your great insight to this RV it has to be high on the list of possible purchases.

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    1. Hi Gary! This RV was and is still among our favourite. I can’t say with any accuracy what the actual mileage was but perhaps this may help. It had better mileage than my 2007 Infiniti G35x, which is rated at 16 MPG city and 23 MPG highway driving. Hope this helps and best of luck in your RV search!


  2. We currently live fulltime in a 37” Class A. It’s definitely roomy with three kids and a dog, but then we are limited on which roads we are able to drive on and certain areas we can’t camp in due to the length.
    I would like to get something smaller so it’s easier to get about.

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    Can we’ve a freaking strategy that doesn’t require cold snapdragon? LOL
    You should see this and inform me 640,360]

    seeing that I’m very guaranteed individuals are just looking at this to beat the extent, not to beat the level again


  4. We just purchased a pre-owned Lexor LS and your review made me even more excited than I already was! I didn’t think that was possible😂) Thank you for taking the time to help us explore our new dream come truemobile! Happy & safe travels to you and Q.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Interesting! We have years dreamed of a car like this Lexor. They are also here very expensive to buy or rent. And after reading this I want it more than before. It has everything you need and you are free to go on the trip or stay if you want. I love the photos, because I don’t see a singel person anywhere.
    Thank you for this post.

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