rearguard falls

Canadian Crumbs – Rearguard Falls

rearguard falls

Canadian Crumbs is a new series here at True North Nomad. These are columns dedicated to the snippets of our country that are small and therefore are difficult to write a large post about.  They are however, just as beautiful and significant as the larger areas we cover.

These crumbs are unexpected rest stops, look outs, off beaten paths, waterfalls – you get my point.  When I travel, it is these “crumbs” (many that dot our highways) that we seek out.  Usually these fragments help form the larger picture of the area via their geology, wildlife or history.

rearguard falls

rearguard falls

Our first Canadian Crumb is Rearguard Falls on the mighty Fraser River in British Columbia.  The falls themselves are powerful and spectacular.  What is most impressive are the Chinook, the strongest of the Pacific salmon, whom after many years at sea return to their spawning grounds here at Rearguard.  Only the strong survive, and after a 1200 km swim from the ocean, even less actually make it up the rapids.

rearguard falls

A trail and boardwalk descend for a 0.4km hike to the river and viewing platform.  The lookout is part of the Rearguard Falls Provincial Park which you can read about here.  Best time to view the salmon is in late summer, however the falls are always beautiful in any season.

This roadside stop is located north of the town of Valemount on Highway 5, then merge onto highway 16 towards Jasper.

~ True North Nomad

Have any Canadian Crumbs you wish to share?  Tell us in the comments below.

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26 thoughts on “Canadian Crumbs – Rearguard Falls

  1. What an awesome idea! Here in Cape Breton there are so many falls and most of them (if not all) are tucked in little known, out of the way places. Places you wouldn’t never “just find by accident”. Some require a 9km hike to get to and some are just knowing the right place to park. Looking forward to more Crumbs!

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  2. I like the idea of crumbs and might, as a result of reading your post, revisit the Derwent River in terms of these ‘details’. One thought which comes to mind is that because I plod along so slowly, each footfall and the story around creates a new crumb. Thanks. Love your blog.

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