Nero’s Steakhouse

When one thinks of travelling destinations in Canada the last place that would top anyone’s mind is Windsor, Ontario.  This poor city has been the butt of many a joke in recent years due to the bizarre number of even more bizarre stories coming out of it (HEADLINES:  Man Caught Smuggling 40 Live Turtles in His Pants or Trees Sculptured Into Private Body Parts – this list goes on).  But this blue-collar town has many special treats for whatever your heart desires.

Our recent visit to Canada’s motor city provided us an opportunity to celebrate a very special someone’s birthday, Miss Jack, along with the beautiful Miss Grace.  All of us tempted by the sin, slots and shooters, we were also tempted by Nero’s Steakhouse located in Caesar’s Windsor casino.

Happy Birthday Jack!
Happy Birthday Jack!

Of course we cannot let a food review opportunity like this pass us by so using our scoring system of:

1 crap – can’t believe I actually walked in here; get up and leave

2 mediocre – not good enough; wouldn’t come back

3 satisfactory – was ok; may come back

4 really good – what you hope for and then some; would come back

5 exceptional – surprise, blow you away; don’t ever want to leave

Here is how Nero’s rated.

Lilly –

Service: Rated 4

The service was good – not out of this world!  We were waited on attentively, given excellent options for our dietary requests and our server was knowledgeable about the menu.  But it seemed she tried to rush us at the end as we finished our meal and chatted.  Having a conversation while someone ducks in and out around you and your company is annoying at best and I didn’t like the feeling we were being pushed along.  I was thinking to myself, “Lady! At $600 you can sit your ass down and wait for us.”

Happy Birthday Grace!
Happy Birthday Grace!


Ambiance: Rated 4.75

It wasn’t that many years ago that Caesar’s bought this casino and did a half-billion dollar renovation on it, Nero’s being one of the many new options since the change.  The restaurant is new, modern and sophisticated.  The quality workmanship throughout conjures up feelings of refined elegance.  It is beautiful and comfortable with an awesome view!

Food: Rated 4.75

The food was absolutely fabulous.  My steak was cooked perfect, as was everyone else’s.  From med-rare to med-well all were the perfect pink they were supposed to be.  Potatoes and mushrooms were excellent.  I didn’t eat the lobster – couldn’t fit it in after trying to eat my steak.  Purple martini and an Australian Barossa shiraz made the night perfect.

Price: Rated 3.5

I opted for the steak and seafood entree special because it didn’t require that I remortgage our house in order to eat.  This place is EXPENSIVE!  Unlike the Keg which pares its side offerings with your meat selection, your meal purchase is à la carte at Nero’s, other than their surf and turf special on Wednesday nights.  This is the place to go if you have a ton of cash burning a whole in your pocket and have a special occasion coming up, or just won at the slots!

Lily’s Total Score for Nero’s: 4.25

Q –

Service: Rated 3.5

Wait staff was enthusiastic and very familiar with their menu but were anything but chatty.  I was nervous at one point as the waitress cleared the table with such an intensity and such close proximity I thought she was going to sit on my lap!



Ambiance: Rated 4.5

I sat on the bench across the dinner table from some very comfortable looking armchairs.  Don’t get me wrong, the bench was plenty comfy but I knew those chairs were better when Lily’s eyes began to close ever so slightly!  The windows frame a very cosmopolitan view of the Detroit skyline.  Windsor is south-east of Detroit and therefore enjoys the view as the sun sets behind the bigger city and lights it up with a beautiful mid-west sunset.

some of us are still 5 and only eat the tops off our asparagus... (JACK)
some of us are still 5 and only eat the tops off our asparagus… (JACK)

Food: Rated 5

Bread is baked fresh onsite.  Do I even have to continue?  There were herb-infused bread, and some kind of hot cross buns!  Dear Lord I could have just sat and ate from the bread basket all night.  Lily picked a wonderful shiraz, ok it had more to do with the price but it was divine.  The night we visited was surf and turf.  Garlic butter… succulent lobster…. perfectly cooked steak… delicious veg!  Everything was cooked and presented with perfection!

Price: Rated 4

I felt the price was aligned with the quality of the meal, exceptional ambiance and a knockout view.

Q’s Total Score for Nero’s: 4.25

If you find yourself in southern Ontario and are hankering for some slots and steak, we highly recommend Nero’s.  Just remember to come on a Wednesday night for the special or be prepared to blow through a pay cheque on a great meal and view.

~True North Nomad

Where do you celebrate your special occasions?  Talk to us in the comments below!

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13 thoughts on “Nero’s Steakhouse

  1. Hope you enjoyed the warm weather in Canada’s Banana Belt. Nearby Pt Pelee National Park is, I believe, Canada’s southernmost land; so, Windsor does have climate going for it. 😉 I can view the Windsor skyline from my office in Detroit.


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