mountain, jasper, park

Finding Peace Among Nature

I sat down in the anti-gravity chair, pushing my feet outwards towards the sky.  A sandwich grasped in my left hand, a cold beer cupped in the right, I studied my surroundings.  Secluded, nestled on a remote beach far from civilization, I sat with impressive company of an aquamarine lake and evergreen forest while the mountains stood guard over our private dinner party.  Clouds blew in above, but determined I covered myself with a blanket, undeterred by rain or wind.  In environments like this I am immovable.  My heart connects, my soul unites with God’s creation.

mountain, jasper, park
Jasper National Park, Alberta

My mind wandered to how far-removed from where I live this moment was.  A city girl from birth, the “country” or “wilderness” was for camping trips or visiting odd relatives unaware civilization was still progressing, advancing.  Life is fast in the city – everything always on the move, everything always turned on.  You become accustomed to the hustle and bustle, pollution and the masses.  I couldn’t imagine ever being content any where but among the big city lights.

pikes peak, mountain, colorado
summit Pikes Peak, Colorado
golden, british columbia, mountains, lake
Golden, BC

My first trip to the mountains (Banff, Alberta to be precise) was an education in who I truly was.  I remember sitting on the old ski hill with my family and I couldn’t stop staring, evaluating the view.  I was mesmerized and for the first time in my life my soul was bound to something so raw and pure.  The mountains have from that moment been my soft place to land.  Like a child secure in their parents arms at rest, regenerating, the wilderness and mountains have been my refuge, my reset button.

banff, alberta, mountains
Banff, Alberta
Mount Rushmore, South Dakota
Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Since that first visit I have gravitated towards the mountains.  Any mountains.  I have sought refuge in the peaks of Provinces and States close to where I, family and friends live.  Alberta, BC,  Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, South Dakota, Colorado, Wisconsin, New York, Vermont and Pennsylvania.  I’m convinced I could live the life of a bush woman.  I could leave it all behind – outlet malls, convenience stores, five star dining, Sunday banking.  I could even forego makeup and razors – I’m sure to Q’s dismay.  And although it would be extremely hard, since she is the best, I think I could leave my hair stylist (although I would probably try to convince her to move with me)!

valemount, british columbia, mountains
Valemount, BC

Drifting back to the secluded beach, it was clear this is where I belonged.  These opportunities are fleeting and I knew my soul would beg for just a few more minutes when it was time to pack it all in and head back to my existence.  But in that moment I had found asylum.  My battery drained from the trials of life, my soul in need of recharging, I plugged in.  My heart connected and my mind settled.  Although the wind whipped among the pines and droplets began misting the peaks, I had found peace among nature.

~True North Nomad

How do you recharge?  Does nature help you reconnect and reset?

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58 thoughts on “Finding Peace Among Nature

  1. Just beautiful! I so relate to how you feel about the mountains. There is something so awesome about them and I’m overcome with a feeling of peace and stillness when I’m in that environment. Make sure you visit the Great Smoky Mountains that go from Tennessee thru North Carolina. We spend at least two weeks there each year. Just beautiful.

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  2. Nature is amazing. I’ve always lived in rural areas not far from forests, rivers, and lakes and sometimes mountains. We visited Calgary one week and I LOVE the Rockies. So much different than the Appalachians. We visited Banff (or somewhere near there) and saw Lake Louise frozen over. I couldn’t imagine living in the city. Found your link at Jason’s (Opinionatedman)! Thanks!


  3. Wooooow! !! Beautifully written!!! Now I would be very disappointed if you left me for the mountains lolol but it wouldn’t be hard to convince me to come with you doing your hair jn that backdrop would be amazing!!!!!! This makes me miss the mountains!!!!


  4. Beautiful photos! Nature certainly is a place where everything is present, and quite often that is our inner peace.


  5. After reading your beautiful blog, I am going to put Banff at the top of my traveling destinations. I love the Smokey Mountains and try to visit them as often as I can!


  6. I like to recharge in nature as well. Originally close o water such as just sitting on a cliff by the water I prefer the sea but in right settings a lake works just as well. Just being outside of the city.

    Since I moved to Norway I’ve as you discovered the mountains as a way to recharge. Truly a great way to recharge.

    Thanks for a beautiful post with stunning photos and a beautiful text.


  7. I completely relate to this. Not only did I live in the city (Miami, FL) but it was flat. But something in me remembered the mountains from Seattle where I was born and the rolling hills of Pennsylvania where I spent my earliest years. When we visited Montana or the Canadian Rockies, I was transformed – there is even a feeling of transcendence for me when I’m in the mountains. When I moved to the foothills of the Cascades, where I live now, I finally felt like I was home. I love it every day.


  8. Beautifully written with stunning photographs. I usually am drawn to water for relaxing, but it looks like you have the best of both worlds with the mountains and water. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.


  9. Gorgeous reflection on the serenity of the mountains — the words and the photos! I find myself being drawn to mountains, too, despite my usual city existence. Anywhere outside, near water, and colder is usually my favorite place to recharge.


  10. Great post! Lovely pics! I think that although I am not perhaps the most adventurous person in the world, getting away from people and from the noise of everyday life helps me recharge…at present I volunteer to help sick and orphaned birds and when they are the only thing that you focus on, it really puts life into perspective…namely that most things really don’t matter at all. 😊


  11. Thank you for sharing a part of your soul. I felt myself sitting beside you in that “warm embrace”. Appreciate you taking me with you!


  12. Beautiful photos. Takes me back to summer vacas in Banff and Jasper. There’s a Japanese word someone shared with me, shinrin-yoku, which means, literally, forest bathing. I find a profound serenity while hiking in Michigan’s old growth forests, a Midwestern version of shinrin-yoku. Actually, one of my better days as a blogger came when I happened to google shinrin-yoku michigan and a couple of my posts popped up. 🙂

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