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On The Rocks Pub & Grill Dining Review

Everyone knows one of our favourite things to do while travelling is… well… eat.  Of course we do it for the reviews.  Trust me, we don’t enjoy eating fresh, chef prepared course after course.  It’s a tough job writing reviews but someone has to do it.  Yep, we’re just taking one for the team.

This past fall while in Kamloops, British Columbia, Q and I visited On The Rocks Pub & Grill.  Located high on a hill, settled among modern hotels and outlet stores this newer establishment had us craving to watch the Blue Jay’s game with a possible pint or two.

Using our scoring system of:

1 crap – can’t believe I actually walked in here; get up and leave

2 mediocre – not good enough; wouldn’t come back

3 satisfactory – was ok; may come back

4 really good – what you hope for and then some; would come back

5 exceptional – surprise, blow you away; don’t ever want to leave

Here is how we rated On The Rocks Pub & Grill.

Lilly –

Service: Rated 3.25

The restaurant was busy but there was more than enough staff to accommodate the patrons.  Our waitress wasn’t overly attentive nor apologetic, that was until our bill arrived.  Sure we received our food within a decent time but there was nothing special about the service here.

Ambiance: Rated 3.5

This building is fairly new and riddled with TVs.  Yes, it categorically is a sports pub and is chicken sandwich, fries, kamloops, bcdefinitely a place you’d want to go to grab a pitcher of beer and catch the nightly game.  But there was nothing unique about On The Rocks.  It was the same pub you’ve seen a thousand times before albeit in a really awesome location.  Let’s face it, you don’t want the best compliment you receive to be “It’s really clean”.  In the same way as how this “compliment” may indicate a person is ugly, it is also a nail in the coffin for a restaurant because it means there was nothing really special about the place.

Food: Rated 3.75

For my entrée I chose the southwestern chicken sandwich with fries.  For my drink, I let my hair down and ordered the original sin martini. Let’s just say I am a martini connoisseur and this one didn’t disappoint.  The sandwich consisted of a breaded chicken breast on a bed of lettuce surrounded by chipotle mayo, tomato, onion and held together by focaccia bread.  For the love of sweet Jesus it was divine!  It was a combination of love and heaven and joy all wrapped up together.  Now I really can’t eat normal bread and paid dearly for it later, but in that moment I was happier than a pig in shit… quite literally.

As for the fries, I never ate them.  I was too indulged in my sandwich to even care about fries.

Price: Rated 3.5

Fancy shmancy drinks here will run just under the $10 mark.  Our entrées averaged about $15 each.  Not real expensive or cheap – just kind of middle of the road as far as price.

Lily’s Total Score for On The Rocks Pub & Grill: 3.5

martini, kamloops, bc

Q –

Service: Rated 3

Our waitress seemed more interested in conversing with patrons she knew then really attending to us.  When it was time to pay though she was very accommodating.

Ambiance: Rated 4

Although the theme is definitely sports bar, On The Rocks also had specific areas for dining with family vs drinking and watching the game.  It was pretty packed and to me that is always a good sign.  If locals are filling the seats of any establishment there is something good about the place.

Food: Rated 3.5  

Ok so maybe this is being picky, especially since it was a pub but I was certain my fries were chicken sandwich, kamloops, bcfrozen.  To me fresh fries are a basic thing, a line that shouldn’t be crossed.  Frozen fries are a cheap, fast alternative but to me it’s where you shouldn’t take short cuts.

Like usual, I bounced back and forth on the menu, indecisive about what burger I should order, much to Lily’s annoyance.  With our waitress’ blessing, I eventually settled on the Barbarian which sounded large and meaty.  Well this burger was enormous, in the vicinity of the size of my head.  It was covered in a tough bacon that required some serious canines and hearty chewing.  Maybe Conan prefers his burger toppings this way, but not this guy.  But apart from the sore jaw that ensued, this was a really good burger and I ate the entire thing… and all of my fries… and most of Lily’s!  Let’s just say I surpassed comfortably full somewhere between the bacon and Lily’s fries!

Price: Rated 4.5

When you break down the dinner bill, two drinks from the bar coming in just under $20 (Lily’s being the higher of the two drinks – she’s always more expensive) the $47 bill plus tip didn’t seem to high.  I mean we had two deluxe sandwiches with high plate appeal (yeah I’m going to trademark that line), fries and two alcoholic beverages.  And I find prices in BC to be higher than what I’m used to so I thought we found a real bargain at On The Rocks Pub & Grill!

Q’s Total Score for On The Rocks Pub & Grill: 3.75

Next time you’re on the road in Kamloops, BC and your favourite team is playing, head on over to  On The Rocks Pub & Grill for some great sandwiches, fancy drinks and tons of TVs for the sports viewing.

~True North Nomad

Been to On The Rocks Pub & Grill in Kamloops?  Let us know what you thought of the place and whether you agree with our review!

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