Pizza V – A Little Place With A Big Taste of Italy

In an effort to experience and explore new places, I am always on the lookout for the next adventure to write about.  In search of inspiration, education or anything that will blow the wind up my skirt, it happens from time to time that I find “something” that had nothing to do with why I was in the area to begin with but sends my mind into a tail spin.  Sometimes, (dramatic pause) I find diamonds in the rough.  Ok, so Amherstburg isn’t actually the rough but rather a small, unassuming town where you wouldn’t expect a dashing little pizzeria with heart, soul and some damn good pizza.  But that is exactly what Q and I, along with the beautiful Miss Jackie (Jack for short, both of which are nicknames she has had to endure since being a wee little one) happened to stumble upon while visiting this south-western Ontario town.


One warm spring evening, way past dinner time, famished from our day’s outing, there it
sat by itself alone on a quiet street –  Pizza V!  I know what you’re thinking… how can I even think of pizza while touting the benefit of healthy eating, while traveling nonetheless.  I know, I know.  I’m usually very strict when it comes to my diet, but my one and only true love is PIZZA (sorry Q)!  I consider pizza to be one of the food groups – or at least should be.  I could quite literally dine on it at every meal, day in/day out for the rest of my life and would not only be happier than a pig in shit, but I would be blessed!  The truth is we cannot be perfect 100% of the time – sometimes we have to let our hair down, drink shots from our cleavage and see where the night air takes us.  Hold on, that might be for another post!

Anyhoooo, not expecting to write anything other than the intent of this visit, I soon changed my mind once faced with this cozy, quaint establishment known as V’s.  Although this wasn’t a dining tour we did rate the restaurant using our standard scoring system in the areas of service, ambiance, food and price:

1 crap – can’t believe I actually walked in here; get up and leave

2 mediocre – not good enough; wouldn’t come back

3 satisfactory – was ok; may come back

4 really good – what you hope for and then some; would come back

5 exceptional – surprise, blow you away; don’t ever want to leave

Here is our take of this tiny pizzeria with huge flavour!

Lily –

Service: Rated 4.25

It’s your hope to enter an establishment in a small, charming town and expect to be treated like they do on tv.  Smiles, charm and hospitality up the wazoo.  But lets be honest – usually you get stared at because everyone knows you’re out of town and wonders why the hell you’re there.  And if the staff can take a break from chatting with the locals and wait for their cigarette break you might get your order taken within the first 15 minutes of sitting down.  Well maybe that’s just my experience but you get the point – there is no rosy, sunshine up your butt greeting like on tv… usually!  Enter V’s.  You’re immediately greeted cheerfully, not in a sappy way but a genuine “Hey welcome, glad you’re here” kind of way.  Friendly, attentive without being obtrusive, service is prompt with a smile.  Our waitress even patiently waited while we took pics so as to not interrupt our creative juices!

Ambiance: Rated 4 cash at Pizza V

This has got to be one of the cutest little pizzeria’s in the history of pizzerias.  Housed in a century building, the restaurant is bathed in a warm glow from the orange walls and wooden floors.  Traditional pizzeria table cloths line the tables, a pop cooler with the prices written on top flank one side of the double, glass doors of the entry way.  It was adorable and accommodating and was like eating at your best friends house – only with better food!

Food: Rated 4.5

So yeah getting back to letting my hair down.  Well I not only let my hair down but I went balls to the wall!  I don’t drink pop – ever.  But if you are going to eat pizza and you’re going to do the job right, then it has to be done with a bottle of coke.  But truth be told, no one sells bottled coke any more.  Remember bottled coke?  Love it!  Well V’s does sell it and I almost peed my pants with excitement – I just had to have one.

Back to the pizza.  I have two pet peeves in life – about pizza.  Number one – why do people put canned mushrooms on pizza?  Come to think of it, why put canned mushrooms on anything?  For the love of God it’s fungus and grown right here in Canada.  Any way, if I’m eating pizza with mushrooms they had better be fresh or I’ll never return.  Number two – why do some pizzerias only add toppings to the 4” diameter centre of a 12” pie?  Who wants 6” of crust while everything else is piled high in the middle of the pizza… I digress.  I was begging the pizza Gods, please let the mushrooms be fresh…. please cover the actual pizza surface with toppings.


Well V’s didn’t disappoint on either of these two fronts –  I friggin loved this pizza.  The crust was crisp on the bottom and chewy in the middle.  There was just enough of the delicious sauce so that it provided a great background for all of the toppings but didn’t overbear the pie.  The cheese was delicious and the toppings fresh!!! Yes, hallelujah V’s has fresh mushrooms.  And, there were mountains of toppings right to the crust edge, with maybe 1/2 inch clearance to allow you to hold a slice without getting your fingers all dirty!  Let’s just say I was in Pizza heaven!


To be honest I have no idea how much this all cost but I do know this. Q is cheap as shit and he was happy – so I’m sure it was all good!

Lily’s Total Score for V’s: 4.25


Q –

Service: Rated 4.5

The service was splendid – exactly what you hope for.  Our waitress was cordial and friendly, vigilant but not clingy and was not in a hurry for us to finish!

Ambiance: Rated 5

V’s has a great little spot there in A’burg as its called by the locals.  Situated in the heart of downtown its at the centre of it all!  Easy access leads you to a set of double doors which were left open all evening allowing the fresh breeze into the dining area and the lovely aroma of fresh pizza drifting out to the street.  Oh my!  Inside the pizzeria looks like a converted Victorian estate with tall ceilings and large windows to outside and views of the passers-by.  Of course we were there late with only delivery pizza really being made, but our table had plenty of elbow room as did the restaurant which made it a very comfortable place to relax with the family or that special someone on date night.  It had a really nice warm glow that makes you feel all happy and welcome.

Food: Rated 4.5 one-pizza

If you like fresh everything,  even mushrooms (for Lily) then V’s is the place.  We love fresh and go out of our way to find it,  sometimes way out of our way.  I like a firm, crisp, crust that is not a brick, but also will not flop around in my hand and drop down my arm and V’s crust is spot on for my palette and preference.  The menu is limited to pizza which is fantastic – focus on one thing and do it consistently well!  V’s gets an A+ here.  Just like Lily I don’t drink pop at all… unless its Coke in a glass bottle.

Price: Rated 4

Remember that Ikea commercial where the shopper looks at her receipt and runs to the car calling to her husband to .. ‘START THE CAR’   .. because she doesn’t think they charged her for everything she purchased?  This was me at V’s.  Their small pizza is not really a small.  I’m known in my family for an appetite,  and I only ate half mine : Taco pizza 🙂 yum. The bill was more than fair.

Q’s Total Score for V’s: 4.5


Jack –

Service: Rated 4

The staff was friendly, welcoming and the service awesome which definitely made my night.  They were quick to take and deliver our orders even though they were busy with pick up and delivery pizzas.  A few people dropped by to ensure our food was good (which it was) and ask if we needed anything.  Our waitress even had a good chuckle over our photo shoot with their restaurant.

Ambiance: Rated 5 front door Pizza V

Despite their sign of apology for the restaurant’s appearance due to renovations, I loved the place!  Great music was playing (and even had me dancing at some points).   It smelled of fresh pizza dough and toppings, while the massive open windows and wide open doors let in a lot of light and welcome.  I was even transported back to my most favourite city in the world – New York.  With it’s  exterior facade, wide open doors and quaintness I felt like I was at a pizza parlour in the Big Apple.

Food: Rated 5

Exceptional.  What I loved about this particular pizza place was that they stuck to the basics; pizza and nothing else.  The menu was loaded with different options of toppings and specials, but the best way for me to judge if the pizza’s good or not is to get what I always get – black olives and feta.  I was overjoyed when our waitress even gave me the option of garlic crust (which I obviously said yes to).  My pizza was probably one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever had in my life, and I’ve been to Italy!  The sauce was spot on, the cheeses were fresh and gooey and the black olives were divine and the garlic crust just pulled it all together! And yes another fantastic thing that we all loved were their choice of bottled Coke! Uh, yes please!

Price: ?

I have no idea what it cost – I was taken out to dinner and it was free for me 🙂

Jack’s Total Score for V’s: 4.7

Well there you have it – we were all in love with the food and the place.  If you are ever in Amherstburg be sure to try out Pizza V!  You won’t be disappointed.

three amigos
three amigos

~True North Nomad

I’d love to visit your favourite pizza parlour in your town.  Let me know who has the best slice in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “Pizza V – A Little Place With A Big Taste of Italy

  1. I’m ready this at 7 am and my mouth is watering and all I can think about is pizza now!!!! I have been to Amhestburg many times but never had this places pizza and I can’t wait to try it!!!!!!!

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    1. Side note if you do love pizza made in a wood burning oven pizza another place in Amhestburg to try is the Verdi club the pizza and menu is amazing!!!!!! And they have dessert Nutella pizza soooo good!!!!


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