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Energize Your Mornings – My Powerhouse Green Savoury Smoothie


It seems green smoothies are all the rage these days.  There are a million recipes floating the world, wide web and every version has their own critics and supporters… ahem anyone ever heard of Dr. Oz?

Well I also happen to have a recipe, necessitated out of the need to flood as many nutrients to my body as possible in one meal.  And I guarantee mine will not be like any other smoothie you have read about or tried.

Typically green smoothies have, well greens, usually in the form of green leafy vegetables like spinach.  And if you only had to eat spinach, well then this post would stop right here.  But I try to get other greens in like kale, swiss chard and arugula.  I also like to add some form of green powder to give me that extra punch in the nutrient department.

But as you are probably aware, with the exception of spinach, most leafy greens are bitter or taste down right like dirt when consumed raw and without some sort of salad dressing.  And green powders do not fare much better.  Typically strong in flavour they remind you of eating a field of grass or worse they taste fishy.  But not good fishy.  I’m talking, way past it’s prime, in the middle of landlocked cattle country, “where the hell did seafood come from” kind of fishy!

To mellow or drown out these offenders most smoothies require fruit.  The fruit acts both as a coverup and a sweetener to make the smoothie more palatable and trick your taste buds into thinking there is nothing disgusting going on here.  Unfortunately, I am not able to add pounds of fresh fruit, as good as they are, to my daily smoothies.  So, I took a different approach.

I thought long and hard about what else could overpower a dirty, bitter, fishy taste.  Ahhh…  something savoury!  Think about it.  When was the last time someone at the office returned from that fabulous Mediterranean restaurant down the street. Any one who has ever been to one knows they would have ate baskets of glorious, freshly baked pitas smothered with that heavenly, garlic sauce! Mmmmmm….  Do you remember how within 20 feet of this person your focus quickly snapped from where you were to first “who the hell went to the Mediterranean restaurant without me?” and secondly “someone needs to get that guy a breath mint”!  Or do you remember that time when some kid brought an egg salad sandwich complete with minced onions to school?  Everyone was looking around wandering who the disgusting bastard was with body odour that farted during lunch?

Ok, so I’m not adding hard boiled eggs to my smoothie, but if garlic can fend off Dracula and keep your co-workers within 20 feet of your personal space, then these powerhouse veggies can mask the pungent order of blue cheese let alone a green smoothie.  And here is the best part of garlic and onions.  The smell doesn’t bother you!  You can enjoy them and if oblivious have no clue why everyone is avoiding you!  The only people it bothers are those who have to be within close proximity to you for the rest of the day.  And if you don’t really care for those people, then all the better! juice-produce-smoothie

Alright, enough chatter about bad breath and flatulence.  Here is my favourite smoothie.  And yes, I not only use organic produce but I also make the juice fresh for each smoothie.  But feel free to mix it up.  Change the greens, or green powder.  Use fresh onion and garlic – I’m a wimp and use the dried powder because fresh onions/garlic are HOT!  You can substitute the juice for water, another type of freshly squeezed juice or if your knickers are in a hurry use a store bought brand.

The Goods

Smoothie Bulk
2 – 7  cups of greens, use spinach, Swiss chard, kale, arugula, whatever you have
2 TBSP of powder greens, I use Dr. Schulze Superfoods
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp onion powder
2 tsp apple cider vinegar
2 tsp raw coconut amino, substitute soy or Worcestershire sauce
1 TBSP hemp seeds

2 roma tomatoes
1 mini cucumber
2-3 celery stalk
1/3 bell pepper, any colour
2-3 carrots

The Deeds

  1. Add ingredients for smoothie bulk into blender.  I use a Vitamix but my magic bullet is perfect on the road.
  2. Prepare juice (which should yield about 250 ml or 8 oz.) and add to smoothie bulk and blender.  vitamix-green-smoothie-juice-vegetables
  3. Blend until all ingredients are broken down and emulsified.
  4. Drink immediately.


The juice adds extra nutrition while the smoothie bulk adds fibre and enzymes.  Mmmm…. Enjoy!

~True North Nomad

What is your green smoothie recipe?  Have you ever tried a savoury smoothie?

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